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An update from Johnvents' Sustainability and Farmers' Empowerment Programme.

An update from Johnvents’ Sustainability and Farmers’ Empowerment Programme.
Reinventing cocoa sustainability in Nigeria: An update from Johnvents’ Sustainability and Farmers’ Empowerment Programme.

As we reflect on the past year of our incredible journey, we are thrilled to share the remarkable progress of our Cocoa Sustainability and Farmers’ Empowerment Programme. The seeds we planted are flourishing, our farmers are thriving and we won’t be wrong to say the cocoa farming ecosystem is thriving. This year, we celebrate how far we have come, acknowledge where we currently stand and set our sights on the promising path ahead

The Genesis: From Vision to Action

With a vision to rehabilitate, replant, and regenerate cocoa trees, we made the bold move one year ago and embarked on a journey to foster sustainable practices and uplift local communities with the launch of Johnvents Cocoa Sustainability and Farmers’ Empowerment Programme.

Our mission was clear: to empower 150,000 farmers, distribute 50,000 seedlings covering 300,00 hectares of farmland within 5- 10 years. Looking beyond the horizon, we envision a future where sustainable cocoa farming becomes the norm, not the exception. We see a world where farmers are not only empowered but also recognised and rewarded for their essential role in preserving our planet’s precious resources.

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Sowing the Seeds of Change: A Milestone to Cherish

As part of our holistic approach, we kicked off with a 3-day intensive workshop for farmers in Akure. This workshop equipped farmers with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the potential of their cocoa farms and ensure their long-term success.

But we didn’t stop at training. The first rollout of 1,000 cocoa seedlings to farmers marked a pivotal moment in transforming our vision into action. Today, we proudly announce the distribution of 50,000 cocoa seedlings to approximately 10,000 farmers in different regions, marking a significant milestone in our progress.

Looking at where we are today, we stand on the threshold of immense possibilities. The substantial distribution of cocoa seedlings to farmers has empowered them to rejuvenate their farms and embrace sustainable cocoa farming practices. The impact we’ve made is breathtaking— with forests protected, biodiversity nurtured, water resources conserved, and the climate positively influenced.

Sustainable Practices and Beyond: Cultivating a Bright Future.

With each cocoa seedling distributed, we understand that it’s not just about planting cocoa seedlings; it’s about ensuring the preservation of this precious commodity for generations to come. By engaging in cocoa replanting and rehabilitation activities, we are sowing the seeds of progress and empowering local communities for a prosperous future.

In addition, we recognise the importance of continuous learning and improvement. Therefore, we are investing in capacity-building initiatives for farmers, ensuring they have access to knowledge, tools, and techniques that enhance their skills and maximize their productivity.

Ensuring Long-Term Success

As we stand at the precipice of another remarkable year, we are filled with gratitude for the unwavering support of our partners, stakeholders, and the dedicated farmers who have embraced our programme wholeheartedly.

As we embark on the next chapter, we are determined to push even further. Our focus is firmly set on building upon our achievements and expanding the programme’s reach to empower more farmers and foster sustainable practices on a larger scale.

Together, we will continue to forge ahead, creating a sustainable legacy and prosperity for cocoa agriculture in Nigeria for generations to come.

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