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How Johnvents is cultivating a sustainable future through its new Out-grower Scheme.

How Johnvents is cultivating a sustainable future through its new Out-grower Scheme.

As the global population expands, the demand for resources and agricultural products increases, posing challenges for small-scale farmers and the environment. As a growing company, we are passionate about sustainable agriculture and committed to transforming farming practices for a brighter future. 

In this light, our new initiative, Out-grower Scheme, serves as part of our commitment to promote sustainable and traceable agriculture. Here is a closer look at what the Out-grower Scheme is all about and what it is intended to accomplish.

What is the outgrower scheme all about? 

The Outgrower Scheme aims to drive increased productivity and sustainable agriculture among smallholder farmers in Kano and Katsina states, Nigeria. Through a strategic partnership with Alliance Agro, we will provide farmers with the essential resources, training, and unwavering support they need to thrive.

In the first phase, we aim to empower 4,000 farmers, elevating their livelihoods and improving the overall quality of produce in the region. The program will encompass five clusters across Kano and Katsina states, positively impacting a total of 4,000 farmers, surpassing our initial targets with the invaluable support from our partnership with OCP, which extends to an additional 2,000 farmers.

Comprehensive Support for Farmers

To ensure optimal crop production, we have procured 6,000 packages of inputs, including NPK and Urea fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides. These crucial resources have been strategically delivered to warehouses across the five cluster areas, focusing on Maize and Sorghum production in this phase. 

Beyond providing inputs, training, and evaluation, we’re actively building networks of farmers, strengthening traceability, and fortifying the entire agricultural value chain. The program will provide access to the market at harvest to more than 20,000 farmers who wish to sell their grains to get fair and competitive prices.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the ongoing 150,000 Cocoa Farmers Project in South-West Nigeria. Just recently, we distributed 50,000 Cocoa Seedlings to over 10,000 cocoa farmers, supporting their continued rehabilitation, regeneration, and replanting of Cocoa trees.

A Vision for the Future

We’re excited about the tremendous potential of our Out-grower Scheme. The Out-grower Scheme marks only the beginning of our larger-scale intervention in the staples food sector. By empowering smallholder farmers in Nigeria through comprehensive support, promoting sustainable practices, and safeguarding biodiversity, we envision a future where agriculture thrives in harmony with the environment.

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